Our voice offering fosters fluid internal staff communications and customer engagement using premium telephony systems.

With a focus on unified communications we provide all-inclusive technical support and expertise directly to businesses and contact centres in a robust and effective ecosystem. The results we’ve achieved have been critical to keeping staff productive, whilst maintaining and improving customers’ experience.

Calls and Lines

Selecting a partner for calls and lines has become even more important with analogue networks shutting down soon.

TFM understand that value for money is essential which is why we offer simple-to-understand cost structures and highly competitive tariffs to our customers.

We achieve this by offering ongoing cost control, using an online billing portal, ensuring that costs for voice services can be controlled throughout the contract maximum efficiency.

SIP Trunks

SIP trunks are the next step for any business to enable voice communications. They offer advantages such as cost reductions and convergence, but they can deliver much more.

SIP trunks bring the power of call routing to you, allowing you to decide how a call is routed in a way that drives efficiency and productivity, and meets your business needs. A next-generation unified communications platform can enable call routing, but SIP allows you to do this at a network level.

SIP voice provides built-in contingency in the event of a failure to any part of your voice platform; calls can be routed to another site, to mobiles or to any number in the world, ensuring that your business can continue its day to day operation whatever disaster may befall it.

Unified Communications

Unified communications can mean different things to different people, but everyone agrees that there are many benefits.

The convergence of voice and data networks reduces the costs of maintaining two separate networks. Removing legacy telephony systems eliminates the need for expensive hardware upgrades, and unburdens you from the limited expansion that may be holding back your business.

Collaboration tools can improve the productivity of staff, and improve customer engagement. Instant messaging and presence can provide staff with a new form of communication, extending their reach and their ability to communicate in a more efficient way.

Presence can be enhanced with the integration of applications such as CRM and ERP systems, further automating the user experience.

A new wave of collaboration tools is gaining a foothold in the business world, and can further enhance users’ ability to collaborate.

Examples of this include Microsoft announcing the phasing out of Skype for Business and replacing it with Microsoft Teams, and Cisco focusing on SPARK; these new tools will truly unify Voice, Video and Meetings.

Contact Centres

The success of a contact centre depends on offering a positive customer experience.

A new generation of customers have grown up consuming various types of communication tools on personal and social platforms, and they expect to experience and utilise these when communicating with you.

A full omni-channel contact centre, including social media feeds, direct messaging and chat, can empower your customer services teams and give your customers the choices they want.

The ability for your team to communicate via voice, video, web chat and social media, with the integration of applications such as CRM systems, will enable instant information and an effective and positive customer experience.




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