In today’s world your data network is fundamental to the success of your business and it needs to meet various challenges

Your network needs to connect everyone, with every device and every application, networks need to be open while also being secure and easily managed in real time, providing a high level of reliability and predictability.

Networks have had to keep pace with our ever-increasing production and consumption of data from a multitude of users and devices. The explosion in the volume of data, how and where it is stored, accessed and by whom means, networks today need greater capacity, can detect and mitigate against internal and external threats, allow for unprecedented flexibility, and all while lowering costs, simplifying management and increasing insight.

Networks today are commonly broken into three different types, Local Area, Wide Area and Wireless Networks however, with the challenges that exist today having a unified networking strategy significantly increases the value of the network to your business. Find out how TFM Networks is bringing not only networks but security, mobility and communications together.

Local Area Networks

TFM ensure that your Local Area Networks delivers each user the access to the applications they are authorised for, in a secure and reliable manner whilst optimising performance to keep them productive.

LAN’s in different locations need to meet very different challenges, Datacentre LAN’s can be highly complex requiring high levels of automation and agility, accessing data from within your own datacentre, cloud and hybrid clouds. Security and Analytics are key for policy enforcement and to consistently deploy application across multiple locations.

Campus and small office locations may differ in size but both still fundamentally need to support the same business outcomes. Connectivity must meet the ever-changing needs of a mobile workforce while protecting the businesses most valued asset, its data. With our reliance on the network any network must be robust, resilient and be able to support and prioritise the increasing amount of applications we use today.

Wide Area Networks

TFM’s carrier grade core network interconnects with numerous UK and global carriers ensuring we offer all known methods of connectivity from xDSL, to Ethernet, Dark Fibre, Microwave and Satellite. Our highly interconnect core ensures that we can enable your sites with the right connectivity to meet the traditional metrics of availability, throughput and latency but also measure and provide Service Level Agreements on the business outcome of application performance.

Connectivity methods are however not the only major factor in deciding a final solution for your business needs. Networks can be created over the Internet using Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), Virtual Private LAN (VPLS), Point to Point, Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) and Software Defined Network (SDN). With so much choice it is difficult to know what is best for your business, what will deliver the best Return on Investment and what is just manufacturers touting the latest technologies that deliver little but add complexity and cost.

TFM help you navigate these design challenges to ensure that your network will cost effectively meet your business needs, whilst also reducing the risk of changing your network provider.


Wireless networks have evolved, from just enabling and empowering your staff in your locations to a much more powerful tool capable of empowering any person whether they be staff, a contractor, a guest or one of your customers at a single locations or anywhere throughout the world.

This proliferation of wireless networks brings both challenges and opportunities, how do you ensure users and devices are not a threat to your wider network, how do you control users from connecting to networks they shouldn’t, how does your network perform with so many others interfering. With data now having significant value to companies how do you collect, secure and more importantly use the data you collect from users. With billions of “things” under the banner of the Internet of Things to be connected to wireless networks you need to be in control and be sure your business is secure.

TFM has deployed wireless solutions to meet all challenges and requirements, cloud and on-premise controller solutions have their merits and limitations, our design consultants can work with you to design wireless networks that are intuitive and integrate with your Local and Wide Area Networks ensuring that together their value is significantly greater than the sum of their parts.




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