Mobile Solutions

Securing and connecting your mobile workforce is critical for the day to day operation and success of your business. The selection of the right carrier and the right technology is key to empowering your users, making them more productive with collaboration tools and leading to greater customers satisfaction.

In our ever-increasing mobile world there are many factors to consider before committing to a solution, which connectivity carrier to use, which tariffs are best for your user profile, how do we control ongoing costs, which devices to select – does the company or user decide, and how do we control and secure users.

Voice Solutions

Telephony is still the most widely used technology for internal staff communication and engaging with customers.

Whether it’s traditional voice, unified communications or contact centres, a robust and effective solution is critical to keeping staff productive and responsive, whilst maintaining and improving your customers’ experience.

TFM will work with you to deliver solutions that are focused on your people, their requirements and on utilising the right technology. Understanding how your business works is critical to designing and implementing a solution that complements the workforce and creates efficiencies in your processes.

Data Solutions

In today’s world your data network is fundamental to the success of your business and it needs to meet various challenges

Your network needs to connect everyone, with every device and every application, networks need to be open while also being secure and easily managed in real time, providing a high level of reliability and predictability.