Securing and connecting your mobile workforce

In this ever-changing world, securing and connecting your mobile workforce is critical for the day to day operation and success of your business. The selection of the right carrier and technology is key to empowering your users, making them more productive with collaboration tools and leading to greater customer satisfaction. TFM does not believe one solution fits all, in fact very few companies have exactly the same solution, so that is why our solutions are as agile and flexible as your mobile strategy and users.

Which connectivity carrier to use?
Which tariffs are best?
How to control ongoing costs?
Which devices to select?

As an independent expert that is not tied to any one provider, manufacturer or technology, our focus is on supplying the right solutions for your business. We want to build a long-term partnership with you instead of short-term gains. TFM can help you navigate the mobile world and build a strategy focused on your users, their security, the usability of the service and cost control.


Mobile Carriers

Each mobile network has its differences, whether that be coverage of voice and data services, which tariffs they offer and if they meet your users needs both domestically and internationally.

For this reason, TFM are a carrier agnostic provider with relationships with the big 3 providers making sure we propose a carrier that fits your users behaviour and coverage requirements.


Embracing collaboration tools can allow your business to always be connected, enabling users to have access to the data they need and for them to quickly make informed decisions – leading to a better customer experience. Making sure users have the right device to do this is critical, do users want to just pick up Emails, do they use mobile technology for video conferencing or viewing complex spreadsheets, what applications do they use. Also unifying the fixed and mobile communications infrastructure can also have a further impact on the devices you chose.

TFM can help recommend the right solution, and under our managed service can pre-stage and deliver the devices directly to your end users

Mobile Security

How to secure your users and more importantly the data that mobile devices have access to is essential to your business operations, your customers confidence in your business and your compliance with an ever-increasing amount of regulation.

Our range of security solutions make sure that your devices, users and data are secure without impacting on usability. Devices can be monitored and managed whether they be a company asset or supporting a Bring Your Own Device Strategy.

Managed Service

Managing a mobile estate with multiple applications, converged solutions, changes and other day to day tasks can require companies to employ resources with specialist mobile skills, increasing costs and reducing operational effectiveness.

TFM can provide a tailored mobile solution that offloads these tasks onto our internal team of specialists, removing the complexity from you, reducing the risk and increasing your ability to evolve with your users mobile demands.




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