Security threats and events are becoming an ever-increasing challenge for businesses

Data is now being held in a multitude of places, on-premises and in the cloud, and users are demanding access to this data from numerous device. Your security strategy needs to give you control and visibility of your people, infrastructure, applications and the data itself.

In today’s digital enabled world, cybersecurity is continually evolving and complex. Threats can take many forms including ransomware and distributed denial attacks. Your business is also having to contend with increasing regulation that must be adhered to. A security event can cause massive impairment, from operational downtime to reputational damage.

Having considered all of these factors, it is imperative for you to have a security strategy.

Strategic planning should begin with identifying your data, where it is, its value to you and your vulnerability to potential threats. When this is understood you have the basis of a security strategy, enabling you to prioritise resources and develop tactics to protect you from likely attacks and threats. This will not only address the issue of defense, but also the speed of detection and mitigation of an attack.

TFM will consult with you about how best to protect your business, employees, customers and your data against a multitude of threats including:


Secure Access

Both client and clientless VPN connectivity can secure communication between you and your remote users, contractors, guests and customers. Devices wanting to connect can be scanned and remediated only allowing them access to the resources they are authorised for.



Block threats and mitigate those that do gain entry, with support for a full suite of Next Generation Firewall features such as Intrusion detection and Intrusion Prevention, Anti Malware, URL filtering and Application Visibility and Control.


Network Access Control

Controls who gains access to your network, what resources and data they are allowed access to and providing an audit of every device and user that connects to the network..


Cloud Security

Cloud services mean you have a vastly increased distributed network with exposure to many more sophisticated threats. Using cloud access security brokering , behavioural modelling and tracking digital fingerprints, your cloud services can be secured.


Endpoint Protection

Protect end points with an always on protection solution. Services include; securing connectivity, protecting against advanced malware and phishing, which can be achieved under a single solution that automates the process to ensure you are always protected.


Distributed Denial of Service

Using many devices to flood your connectivity to the point where it shuts down, this can be done for many reasons including personal kudos, hold you to ransom or as a distraction for other security events. Whatever the reason, it can have a profound affect on your business from operational downtime, lost revenue, to unauthorised network access and a drop in customer confidence.


Email and Web Protection

Defend your business against advanced malware, phishing and other sophisticated attacks. This service can be further enhanced by encrypting sensitive or all Emails leaving your business and clearly tagging every email that comes from outside of your business.


Mobile Device Management

Control of mobile and desktop devices is now increasingly critical in this mobile first environment. Being able to onboard new devices, automate application deployment and remote wiping is a must to any business using a mobile device.

All solutions can be deployed via an on premise solution or a cloud service and can be both unmanaged or managed by TFM.
To understand how we can help secure you, your people, application and your data, please get in touch.