VoIP Telephone Systems Leicester

VoIP Telephone System in Loughborough

A VoIP telephone system in Leicester is the smart, low-cost way to get more from your telephony. VoIP systems offer a whole host of benefits, including:

  • Lower business costs
  • Excellent voice quality
  • Flexibility and portability
  • Speed and efficiency
  • Flexible remote and home working
  • Disaster recovery

VoIP is a flexible technology because you can make calls through any device using an internet connection, including traditional landline phones if preferred.

Leicester-based businesses are discovering a better way to communicate through the use of VoIP. Can we help your business do the same?

Learn more about setting up a VoIP telephone system in Leicester. Talk to TFM Networks, the business connectivity experts – call 0345 646 6060 or email info@tfmnetworks.com.

VoIP Telephone System Definition

Voice over internet protocol (or VoIP) systems are essentially internet-based telephones. They use an internet connection to make and receive calls by converting voices into digital signals. Some examples of VoIP systems are Microsoft Teams, RingCentral, NFON and Xelion.

VoIP systems might also be called:

  • IP telephony
  • Internet telephony
  • Broadband telephony
  • Broadband phone services
  • Hosted telephony
  • Cloud telephony

Hosted VoIP for
Smarter Connectivity

We offer hosted VoIP to our customers – a cloud-based service hosted in a data centre. You can use various devices and connect them up to your hosted system, including:

  • Desktop phones
  • Softphones
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Mobile phones (these use a VoIP app)

The additional flexibility that VoIP gives you is particularly important with remote working and when employees are working from home.

With a good internet connection, it’s easy to get up and running with VoIP. Let us find the best telephony solutions for your business, managing the setup and ongoing services on your behalf. We’ll explain everything to you in full and talk you through the options – please call 0345 646 6060 or email info@tfmnetworks.com.



Key features of VoIP telephone systems include:

  • Voicemail (with email integration)
  • Video and chat capabilities
  • Call and video recording and analytics
  • CRM integration
  • Connectivity between various devices
  • Admin controls and a platform dashboard
  • Call and contact centre

Essentially, VoIP comes with all the features of a standard telephone system, and a number of additional benefits as well.

Why Should you Consider a VoIP Telephone System?

VoIP systems have the power to revolutionise your business, improving processes and cutting costs. These are some of the core benefits of VoIP telephony:

  • Lower costs – cheaper than traditional landlines
  • Excellent security
  • Dependability
  • Easy setup
  • Very good voice quality
  • Flexible systems that are highly portable
  • Centralised management of systems
  • Various features and contact centre tools
  • Fully scalable for large and small operations

Setting Up your VoIP Telephone System in Leicester

VoIP telephony systems are easy to set up when you have a good internet connection available. We can be your service providers, setting up your system and managing it for your business in Leicester.

We offer flexible plans for agile businesses needing secure, reliable telephony. Bring your telephone system into the future without paying more for the privilege. We can help you cut costs while benefiting from a variety of customisable features.  

Call 0345 646 6060 or email info@tfmnetworks.com to talk about your VoIP telephone system in Leicester.




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