Built for the construction industry, rapid deployment solutions give you all the power and stability of a fixed broadband line, but the flexibility of mobile communications.

Construction site, temporary site, office relocation, pop-up shop? If your business specialises in working from different locations on a short-term basis, then fixed-line connectivity is pretty much useless to you. But the chances are you still need to roll out quality internet access to support email, file sharing, Office 365, VOIP and all the other enterprise solutions that drive your daily business. And you need to do this fast. 

Luckily, there’s a way to get fast, reliable and powerful wireless connectivity anywhere you need it, without having to rely on fixed-line infrastructure which can take months to install. It’s called Rapid Site Deployment, and it provides connectivity-in-a-box for all your temporary sites.  

What is rapid site deployment?

If you have ever moved to new premises, then you know that you have to order your fixed line weeks and weeks and weeks in advance. Even then, delays in installation can put a serious dampener on your ability to hit the ground running at your new location. 

For some locations, a fixed line isn’t the answer at all. That’s especially true for construction sites where it’s not logistically possible or cost-effective to put fibre into sites that only require connectivity for a few months. Let’s face it, putting a fixed line into a site that’s essentially just a giant hole in the ground is a non-starter – and it may not even reach the workers who scattered across a many-acre site, or who are situated hundreds of feet above the ground in cranes. 

And yet, many construction sites need an on-site office and the stability of a fixed line. Today’s construction workers consume a tremendous amount of data and you may have dozens or even hundreds of people all wanting to use smartphones, laptops and other devices. 

What’s the answer? Rapid site deployment.

These powerful solutions give the gift of connectivity to places where there’s little or no existing infrastructure. 

How does rapid site deployment work?

What you’ll get is an enterprise-grade 4G LTE router and a mobile antenna that’s professionally installed and orientated to get the strongest available signal for your area. All you have to do is plug the router in to a standard power outlet. It’s literally plug and go.

That means you get an uber-fast data connection whenever and wherever you need it, even in places where there’s no infrastructure yet or where a standard fixed line would be impossible – like a motorway construction site, exhibition Wifi, inside a vehicle or on a tropical beach!   

You can even add a fixed landline number or a complete unified comms solution to create a fully fledged office set up. Or use rapid deployment at your perma-site, both to take a load of your current fixed-line usage and as a failsafe backup option which keeps the site online if the fixed line connection fails. This is especially helpful for retail businesses that need to stay connected to broadband for their POS to function effectively.

What are the benefits?

It’s fast: It’s called ‘rapid’ deployment for a reason! Everything you need can be delivered, installed and configured in days, providing your remote workforce with instant access to your corporate network from the moment they start work at your new site. With blistering internet speeds up to 500Mbps, you can forget about the worry of fixed-line lead times and go live immediately. 

It’s secure: In the absence of a rapid deploy system, staff are often left with no choice but to use their own data and personal Wifi hotspots to get the connectivity they need. But the small internal antenna of a smartphone often results in a poor signal – try reading architect’s plans through a public hotspot – and worse, security is significantly compromised. With rapid deploy, all data traffic between sites are fully encrypted and security is second to none. 

It’s cost effective: If you currently rely on your employees providing their own data via their smartphones when they’re outside your network, then you know that costs can soon mount up. With a rapid deployment solution, everyone shares the same resource at one cost-effective price. 

Long and short-term solution: You can sign a 30-day rolling contract and keep the solution for exactly as long as you need it, or save money by opting for a longer contract. We have access to the UK’s largest networks, so we can find the most cost-effective connectivity options for your sites. 

It’s mobile: As an added bonus, the system can move wherever you go – simply remove it at the end of the construction project and use it on the next construction site. Recycling your gear across sites and projects adds to the ROI. 

As you can see, it’s a pretty simple premise, but with incredible results! To learn more, get in touch with our expert team today.