Our Wi-Fi product lineup has essentially been made up of Ruckus or Cisco Meraki Access Points. However, more recently we have directed our focus towards Ruckus Wireless. We pre-configure and ship the access points based on the customer requirements. If the customer requires an additional level of analytics, along with branding and a customer portal, then they can easily layer the Nevaya product on top of their Wi-Fi network.

Product Development

We have developed a leading Wi-Fi service for our clients business needs. Our Wi-Fi service based on Ruckus Access Points delivers Wi-Fi using the latest Wave 2 SU-MIMO and MU-MIMO technology. This allows for greater speeds and a better quality of service to users. Each customers Wi-Fi solution will be designed and built based on their requirements, including how they would like the on-boarding process to work for each user type they have, e.g. guest users, staff, staff BYOD, etc.

The Nevaya product is designed to work hand in hand with Ruckus technology to provide customers extremely detailed analytical and management information. The Nevaya product includes full branding customisation, enforcement of user t’s & c’s, voucher access, MAC address white-listing, collection of guest details, guest analytics, bandwidth control per device, along with many more features.

What we Offer

Using Ruckus’ latest Wi-Fi controller technology, we can provide customers access to their Wi-Fi estate for management purposes giving them a greater level of control of their services. If additional analytics and/or customisation is required, then we can offer clients this through the fully integrated Nevaya Wi-Fi portal. Our Wi-Fi service solutions include the appropriate onsite Wi-Fi signal and cabling surveys (where required) to ensure we deliver the right solution for your needs. Please contact us for more information on our Wi-Fi solutions.