TFM offer traditional PSTN/ISDN services via Openreach however we have begun pushing our hosted voice offering as part of the Unified Communications piece. We’ve worked on providing bespoke and dynamic Voice solutions, tailored to fit each one of our customers in a different format based on their marketplace and industry.

Product Development

Whether that be traditional telephony based (PSTN/ISDN) or VoIP our objective has always been to expand on our Voice offering to customers and diversify the level of technical expertise we provide across our product line. Over the last few years our VoIP portal partnerships have enabled us to offer industry-leading services and we have placed great emphasis on solidifying our partnership with Xelion by also being clients of the company ourselves.

What we Offer

Currently we offer a market leading Hosted Voice solution in Xelion. With this all-inclusive platform customers get all the features and add-ons that they need for a single monthly price. No longer do you need to worry about your costs creeping out of control thanks to the fact that the price you pay is directly linked to the number of users on the platform. All features on the platform are included within the single monthly price. Features such as call queues, wallboards, hunt groups, calendar integration, soft-phone, mobile app, user presence and so on.