The UK Retail is sector currently facing huge challenges. in today’s technologically advanced marketplace customers can now shop with complete freedom wherever, whenever and however they wish. With smartphones seen as mobile computers and providing evermore immersive shopping experiences, customers now have complete autonomy in selecting how and when they need to purchase items they require.

Today the Retail experience needs to be visual, exciting and tailored to attract customers as the conventional High Street chain stores come under even more pressure to increase and maintain footfall. In addition to an increasingly changing customer-base retailers face even more pressing challenges in this economy:

High staff turnover

Retail recruitment and ease of training measures can mean that most retailers experience constant changes is in skilled personnel which can affect both workflow and productivity.

Falling footfall, Basket size and Basket conversion

As stated, falling footfall is one of the most pressing issues facing retailers today, With some of the UK’s best-known stores having to close outlets or ceasing to trade completely.

Shrinkage and theft

Loss of stock due to theft is a growing issue for retailers, especially as criminals find ever more inventive methods to beat in-store security systems.

TFM Group is at the forefront of network technology in the Retail Sector. We provide our customers with leading voice, mobile and data technologies that provide positive solutions:

  • Interconnect your stores and locations
  • Streamline your store IT infrastructure
  • Assure your regulatory compliance e.g. PCI
  • Secure your locations and retail staff
  • Connect the right people to the right information
  • Improve your staff productivity and reduce costs
  • Improve your customer experience

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