A new Era with new challenges, new opportunities and more personalised care, there is a better way. Healthcare has been evolving over the last number of decades, a number of generations ago life expectancy was in the mid-sixties, today it is in the eighties and with advancements in medical care, this will only probably rise.

Living longer brings new challenges for the healthcare sector, having to care for patients with more lifestyle or age-related health issues requires a new prospectus on how to deliver care. With more people needing care in a sector which does not have enough beds, has a shortage of skilled staff but is still a highly competitive market then technical innovation will be a key differentiator in the industry.

Technology advancements can improve care and our quality of life, it can deliver a better way of delivering this care, making staff more productive ensuring they have more time to do their primary job, caring, instead of focusing on administrative tasks. But technology will not only deliver new ways of doing existing tasks but revolutionise the way care is delivered.

Monitoring patients in real time wherever they are, using data for preventative and predictive care and giving patients direct access to technology will all improve their quality of life. These coupled with the ability to monitor all your assets, whether that is staff, critical and non-critical assets and improve how you utilise these will increase your productivity, reduce costs and give you a sustainable business model.

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