Our current lineup of data connectivity is divided into three key areas. Broadband, consisting of ASDL2+ and FTTC platforms, Ethernet, based on EoFTTC/GEA, EFM and Fibre optic and finally 4G, consisting of EE’s M2M applications and Vodafone’s IoT products.

Product Development

With over two decades in the industry our product team boasts a range of data connectivity services to suit customer needs. All said services are accompanied by a fully managed on site CPE, static IP addressing, high level SLAs delivered via Our very own gold-standard MPLS core network. With a solid product development system for data products on place customers seeking traditional broadband are provided with a fully managed solution with proactive monitoring to ensure the best SLAs are delivered. Broadband can also be delivered as a backup service to complement the clients primary connection. Also customers looking at a mobile pop up solution or rapid deploy solution, in the event of an emergency have the benefit of out on-demand 4G solutions.

What we Offer

For customers seeking a pre-ethernet solution whilst you wait for your ethernet provision to complete, or simply if you’re looking for additional redundancy, TFM can deliver this via 4G. TFM 4G connectivity comes with static IP addressing as standard, fully managed CPE as standard and ensures your private data is secure by delivering the connectivity over MPLS.

For a completely dedicated data connection for your business then the best customers can get is Ethernet. Nowadays Ethernet connectivity can be delivered using a number of different technologies, e.g. EFM twisted copper pairs, GEA FTTC, fibre optic, etc. This has caused the price of Ethernet connectivity to drop thanks to lower technology costs. Please contact TFM for an Ethernet services quotation.